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Ultimate Food and Wine Adventures

135 countries and counting. Nearly every major wine region in the world. The best restaurants and the best hotels. We have been there, and now you can too. We are not a tour company, we are not a company at all. We are the Food and Wine Guru Stephen Reiss, and Famed Photographer Janet Engelhard (see). The world’s most overqualified guides. We are here to create for you a truly unique culinary experience, based only on your needs and wants, since we are not taking kickbacks from wineries, hotels or restaurants.

Aspen, Colorado was our training ground. For decades we helped make the lives of the rich and famous a little more fun with food and wine, and a little more colorful with fine fashion. In the off seasons we were the luxury travelers, investigating every bacchanalian nook the world has to offer. Since 2008 we have been circumnavigating the globe (3 times around so far) as we have consulted with wineries and created culinary masterpieces on four continents. Allow us to share our passion for life with you on your own personalized food and wine adventure.

• No need to worry about the details, it is all taken care of, with exactly as much spontaneity as you want.
• Professional wine visits tour groups can only dream of.
• Have your dinners and wine choices made by the Food and Wine Guru (if you wish).
• Your memories captured by a Famed Photographer (but you can tell everyone you took them if you prefer).
• You pick your level of luxury - every adventure is 100% tailored to you.
• World Wide (not just a few locations).
Way Better than Machu Pichu!
Bob & Deb Hulse
Thank you so much for the fabulous culinary and wine tour.
Kate Larsen
Thanks so much from the Aussies who love "stickies"
Kellie & Nicole Hamilton

Many, many more available upon request.

Stephen Reiss

After receiving advanced degrees in problem solving Steve changed directions and spent three decades in the food and wine business in Aspen, Colorado. Starting out on the kitchen, with a classical French apprenticeship his skill and passion for wine would drive him out front as wine steward and manager. During those years he would also import several brands from France, help to create a successful distribution company, sat the Master of Wine exam and began consulting.

Following his lengthy stint in the hospitality industry, he opened a series of wine related businesses including an auction company and school. Asked to consult in South America, he and Jan ended up spending years in Argentina, producing a magazine promoting wine tourism. Asia was next, and the summer of 2016 saw them return to the States for a short stop over as they consulted on the creation of a new winery and vineyard in California.

Stephen Reiss

Janet Engelhard

Leaving the sunny climes of California for Michigan began a long and varied career in fashion. What started as a cashier’s position for a little extra money at school, soon began to feel to Jan like a calling. May Company trained her as a buyer, and when Aspen finally called to her there was no question that she would find herself in retail. She traveled the world buying for some of the finest boutiques, and would become so well known for dressing celebrities that she would find herself featured on television, repeatedly.

Through it all, she had camera in hand. From runways to album covers, she was in constant demand. A fine art photographer, her work has been seen on walls around the world, in her numerous books, and of course, as everyone she know’s social media profile pic. Documenting their myriad travels, Jan’s eye has often been drawn to detail in nature, urban environments, and especially faces.

Janet Engelhard


Since 1982 travel has been the tie that binds these intrepid explorers. Over the years they have refined their craft as they visited 70% of the world’s countries and a large percentage of its vineyards. Planning their trips so that they could always discover the best a region has to offer, they have eaten in many of the world’s finest restaurants and slept in hotels to match. Since 2008 they have been traveling around the world, on a journey of flavors that does not look to come to an end anytime soon.

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Ultimate Food and Wine Adventures is not a tour company. We are not licensed by anyone, and are not selling anything other than our personal time. If you looking for a grand adventure, full of food, wine and fun, let us show you how!